Monday, July 18, 2011


Welcome to our new Good Neighbor Plan (GNP) Blog that the Inter-Faith Council has created to help the general public learn more about what the recently formed GNP Advisory Committee is discussing and working on.

The IFC believes that the creation of a Good Neighbor Plan (GNP) will foster understanding and mutual respect among neighbors, congregations, businesses and other groups near the proposed building site for Community House. The GNP process will also be helpful for program residents who also want to be part of GNP communications and events, want to break the cycle of homelessness and want to become independent stakeholders in the community.

We trust that all of the concerns of those parties affected by the Community House project will be addressed in our final plan; and we hope the understanding and mutual respect that is established among neighbors will be maintained, enhanced and extended to the general community. A permanent Community House Advisory Committee (CHAC) will be created once the final Good Neighbor Plan is approved by the Chapel Hill Town Council. The CHAC’s role, practices and continued dialogue about resident successes and challenges is important to all of us.

This Blog will show GNP participants, agendas, Town documents, meeting notes and other materials that our important to this process. Final meeting notes must be approved by the GNP Advisory Committee and will not be posted until after that occurs. You may contact Project Manager, Allan Rosen or me about this process at any time. Allan can be reached at 929.6380.ext.27 or

Thank you!

Chris Moran, Executive Director
929.6380. ext.26

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  1. When will the draft plan be available for review beyond the committee? Will it be posted on the blog? Jan Dodds